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Crop Area, Yield and Stress Identification

Agri Net Solutions activities are focused on generating productivity datasets using remote sensing and GIS techniques. Organization provides solutions like:

  • Factors that are the most significant bottlenecks to increasing production at operational area or at regional scales.

  • Certain management practices or soil properties that mitigate impacts of climate changes.

Forecasting crop yield well before harvest is crucial especially in regions characterized by climate uncertainties. This enables planners and decision makers to predict how much to import in case of shortfall or optionally, to export in case of surplus. It also enables government to put in place strategic contingency plans for redistribution of food during times of famine. Therefore, monitoring of crop development and of crop growth, and early prediction are generally important.

Crop inventory information of commercially important crops and high value crops has the unique applications in making strategic decisions for enhancing the use efficiency of the economic resources.